Safe and Secure: How to Fit a Deadbolt Lock

20 June 2016
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Every homeowner is concerned about the security of their property. The first line of defence against intruders are the doors on your home and the locks which secure them. Low quality locks can put you at risk of burglary. Deadbolt locks offer fantastic protection and security. Below is a brief guide to the process of installing a deadbolt lock.

Place the Lock

When installing a new lock, it is vital that it is properly placed on the door. When you purchase a deadbolt lock, the pack should also contain a template which will help you to ensure the lock is properly aligned and placed. You should follow the template instructions and use a pencil to mark the points on the door which require drilling. You should not attempt to eyeball it, as this will not be accurate enough and will result in a misplaced and ineffective lock.

Drilling Holes

When drilling holes in the door, you should approach it from both sides to save time. First drill from the inside of the door until the hole extends to a depth which is about equal to half the width of the door. Then drill from the outside to complete the hole. This little tricks makes it much easier to drill when compared to starting at one side and attempting to drill through the entire door. It should also result in a cleaner hole which will help you to easily install the lock.

Installing the Plate

When installing the strike plate, you should first place the plate on the door before using a pencil to draw around it. You should then use a utility knife to score the pencil lines. Next, chisel out the wood within this area to create space for the strike place to be installed. You only need to remove enough wood so that the strike plate is flush with the door when inserted.

Testing the Lock

Once the lock has been installed, you should check that it is operating smoothly. New locks can sometimes be sticky. If this is the case, you should apply a lubricant spray such as WD40 to the key and then reinsert it into the lock to help to free it up.

If you have any questions or do not feel confident installing locks yourself, you should contact a professional locksmith who will be able to advise you and carry out the necessary work.