With So Many Door Locks In The Market, Which Is The Most Reliable For Your Home? 3 Features To Look For

28 April 2016
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Your home security begins with your doors. For this reason, you need to invest in the right type of door locks. However, there are so many types of locks in the market, from manually operated to digital or smart locks. The choice of door lock you invest in has a great impact on whether it gives you value for your money in terms of both the aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Therefore, when considering the latter, especially in terms of security, here are 3 major features that you should look for in the door locks.

Deadbolt Type of Bolt

Door locks come with two major types of bolts: deadbolts and latch bolts. For improved security, choose a door lock with a deadbolt type of bolt. This type of bolt has a greater impact on the strength of your door lock. Unlike a latch bolt, a deadbolt is not bevelled nor spring-loaded. This means that it has to be extended or retracted manually. In addition, deadbolts are usually larger than latch bolts.

Depending on the type of deadbolt, it can be operated either by a key or by a thumb turn. For single cylinder deadbolts, the door lock can be locked and unlocked from the inside with a thumb turn. They are ideal when you want to secure your solid wooden or metallic door and the door isn't enclosed by glass or does not have any glass panes on it. On the other hand, double cylinder deadbolts will require a key to be operated from either side of your door. This is ideal when the door has glass panes on it or there are some windows near it.

Key Control

Go for a door lock with a key control. Many keys can simply be duplicated at a local hardware store. With key-controlled door locks, only chosen locksmiths or even the manufacturer themselves can produce copies. In addition, you can keep track of who has your keys.

Hardened Steel Case and Bevelled Casings

A hardened steel casing will be more resistant to impact by pliers or hammers. These are some of the common tools used by burglars. On the other hand, a bevelled casing will make the destructive tools, especially the pliers, to glance or slide off the lock when someone tries to twist it.

Look for these features next time you are buying door locks to enhance the security of your doors.

For more tips and information, consider talking with local locksmiths about the best lock options.