How to Use Matte Black Door Handles to Dress Up Every Area of Your Home

24 July 2015
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When your home is starting to look a bit drab and outdated, you may not need to go through an extensive and costly renovation. Sometimes just a few small touches are all you need to make a space look fresh and new. Changing out the door handles is a small change that can often make a big difference, especially if you make a few other simple changes to the overall look of the room as well.

Note a few suggestions for how to do this with matte black door handles, a favorite choice for designers and decorators today.

1. Choose square lines for a modern look

To add a modern look to your space, opt for a square or oblong matte black door handle. Square lines are often seen as being somewhat industrial and modern, and this type of line for your door handle can instantly update the look of your space. The matte black will look good with metal accessories or a metal door, which is also very popular for modern spaces.

2. Paint the doors white for a nice contrast

You may not need a new door for your bedroom or other room if you simply paint it a crisp white, and then add the matte black door handles. The contrast can make the door handles look more attractive, and it may make the space seem cleaner and brighter overall. If you add an oversized door handle, it will be even more noticeable and attractive against the white of the door. Try this with an entryway door as well; if your front door is looking a bit weathered, try a bright white paint with matte black handles and you may see that your home has instant curb appeal.

3. Add matte black accessories and other pieces

A great way to add visual interest to an entryway is to add matte black accessories that match your new door handle. For the front door, add a matte black mailbox, porch light, deadbolt, and oversized matte black hinges on the door. Add matte black house numbers on the door frame. Inside the home, add oversize matte black hinges to doors for a country look, or you might add an oversize handle plate behind the door handle itself to make it stand out more.

Paint radiator covers matte black and look for a ceiling fan with matte black blades. By coordinating all these accessories, you'll pull the look together and create more visual appeal without overspending. Contact a company such as The Lock and Handle to learn more.