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Rose’s Blog of Locks, Keys and Safes

Easy Ways to Avoid Broken Keys in Knob Locks

Knob locks are usable on a wide range of doors such as bedroom, front and garage doors. These locks come with knobs or handles. When you shift the positon of the handle or knob, it releases the latch bolt from the door’s frame. Before you can do this, however,... read more

Garage Door Security Tips To Prevent Break-Ins

When a burglar is unable to break into your house through the front door, they are likely going to try your garage door. Even if you do not have valuable equipment in your garage, the connecting door between it and your house can act as an access point for burglars to... read more

Safe and Secure: How to Fit a Deadbolt Lock

Every homeowner is concerned about the security of their property. The first line of defence against intruders are the doors on your home and the locks which secure them. Low quality locks can put you at risk of burglary. Deadbolt locks offer fantastic protection and... read more

About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rose, and this blog is all about locks, keys and safes. As an amateur locksmith, I have always been interested in locks, how to repair them, how to “pick” them, and how to select the safest locks. I also love all of the new technology, especially bio-security, around modern locks. Of course, keys and safes also interest me as they are related.

I don’t often get to buy new locks. I replaced all the locks in my home when we bought it, and I have a safe at work that I upgrade every five years, but that’s it. However, just so I could have a bit of fun researching locks and safes, I decided to create a blog. I hope that you like it!