Tips for When You Lock Yourself Out of Your Home

14 December 2022
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It is extremely easy to leave home without your key and accidentally lock yourself out. At that moment, it can feel like all hope is lost, but fear not – there are actions you can take to get back into your home without too much hassle. Read on for three tips if you ever find yourself locked out.

1. Check with Your Neighbours

If you know your neighbours well enough, it is a good idea to leave a spare key with them for emergency situations like this. If they're at home, you can call around to see if they have the spare key to hand. Just make sure to thank them afterwards. 

2. Call A Professional

If you don't have a spare key, then another option is to call an emergency locksmith service. There are plenty of companies that offer 24/7 emergency services and can come to help you get back into your home quickly and safely. The advantage of using a locksmith service is that the technicians are trained professionals with years of experience in unlocking doors. They will be able to access your home without causing any damage or compromising the security of the lock itself. And because most companies offer competitive pricing, you won't have to break the bank either.

3. Find an Alternative Way In

If all else fails and no one is available to help or lend a spare key, then your last resort could be looking around the outside of your house for an alternate way in. This could mean anything from checking windows or balconies to see if any are unlocked (but always keep safety in mind!) or even trying to pick the lock yourself with some tools from a hardware store (if you know what you're doing). Be aware that this method may void any warranties on your lock system and should only be considered as an absolute last resort.


It's never fun getting locked out of your own home, but thankfully there are ways around this problem – whether through calling professionals for help or relying on a helpful neighbour – so don't panic when this happens! With these tips in mind, hopefully now, whenever something like this happens again, it won't seem quite so daunting anymore. If you find yourself locked out, or if you would like further advice and info about this subject, contact a local emergency locksmith today. A contractor will be able to help you further.