3 Used Safe Locking Mechanisms to Choose From

17 August 2017
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One of the factors that you can base upon when selecting a used safe to buy is how that safe is locked. This article discusses the common locking mechanisms that you can consider as you are comparing the different used safes on the market.

Key Locks

Used safes with key locks are very common because they are some of the oldest safes on the market. These safes are easy to operate because they work in the same way as the locks on doors. The locks are also reliable because the operating mechanism inside them is made from sturdy materials. However, it is awkward to carry the key with you because the key is long. It is also easy for that key to be stolen or lost. Replacing such a key may be so difficult that you may have to replace the lock.

Mechanical Combination Locks

Mechanical combination locks require a user to move a dial in order to input the combination of numbers that can trigger the lock to open. Such locks are very reliable because they can only be opened by the person who has the correct combination. They also take long to open. This delay can give you a chance to find an intruder before he or she gets access to your valuables. Mechanical combination locks are good for people who keep losing the keys to their safes. They are also good for situations where multiple users need to gain access to the safe on a regular basis.

Electronic Locks

It is also possible for you to find used safes that have electronic locks. These locks also enable several users to have access to the safe without incurring the cost of duplicating keys as would be the case for safes operated by keys. It is easy to change the code or combination in case you no longer want someone to have access to the contents of your safe. However, electronic locks can only be installed by an expert. One must also monitor the batteries that operate these locks so that new ones can be installed when the previous ones wear out. This can increase the cost of owning a safe with this locking mechanism.

It is always advisable to test the locks of used safes several times so that you can confirm that they work properly. You can also have a used safe retrofitted with the type of lock that you want in case the one that already has that lock doesn't meet your other requirements, such as size requirements. For more information, contact a business such as Askwith Company.