Garage Door Security Tips To Prevent Break-Ins

15 July 2016
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When a burglar is unable to break into your house through the front door, they are likely going to try your garage door. Even if you do not have valuable equipment in your garage, the connecting door between it and your house can act as an access point for burglars to enter your house.  The best way to keep your garage and home safe is by securing your garage door. Try these tips to secure your garage door and deter thieves from breaking into your home.

Install a high-security door lock

Installing a good garage door lock can deter burglars from your home. There are several types of high-security door locks and accessories that you can use. They include the following:

•    Padlocks: A quality padlock on your garage door is an essential security component. Choose a sturdy padlock made from thick metal which can handle any form of physical abuse such as hammering.

•    Deadbolt locks: Deadbolt locks are simple and very effective locking mechanisms for garage doors. There are different types of deadbolts on the market. Go for the best quality that can withstand bumps and multiple hammer strikes.

•    Anchors: Anchors are usually installed on the interior side of the door and prevent it from opening. The installation is such that an intruder cannot access and disable them. Coupled with a sturdy padlock, an anchor can give the ultimate security for your garage.

It is essential that you hire an expert locksmith to install door locks for you. Their expertise is crucial in ensuring that burglars don't gain access due to poorly installed systems. If you have to do it yourself, ensure that you do it correctly.

Use an alarm system

A garage door sensor can deter thieves from breaking into your garage. Door sensors send out an audible alarm when someone opens the garage door. You can activate the alarm at night, and during the day when you are out of your home. Alternatively, you can have a remote door sensor which sends silent alarm signals to a receiver when the door is opened.

Keep garage keys safe

If you park your car in the driveway, don't leave your garage keys inside. If your car gets broken into, a burglar can have effortless access to your garage and your home through the connecting door. Always ensure your garage door is closed at all times. It doesn't help to have all security features in place and leave the door unlocked.

Garage doors are a common weak point and an easy target for thieves. With these tips, you can secure your home from break-ins by deterring thieves from accessing it through your garage. If, for some reason, you find yourself locked out of your garage, you can contact an emergency locksmith to help you.