What a Car Locksmith Will Probably Need to Know When You Call

27 June 2016
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When you need to call an auto locksmith, of course they will need to know the make, model, and year of your car, as well as your location and if this is an emergency or your visit can wait. If your car's lock is not working but you're at home and can wait, a locksmith may schedule another, more urgent call ahead of yours. However, along with this basic information, note a few other details they may need to know and why they need to know it, so you can ensure you have everything ready for them before you pick up the phone.

How many keys you'll need

If you need new keys made because you've lost your keys or are looking to have the locks rekeyed altogether, don't assume that a car locksmith will bring a vast amount of keys they can cut and duplicate. They may offer one or perhaps two new keys, but if you need one for yourself, for your family member who drives the car, for safekeeping at a friend's house, and so on, be sure to tell them so they can bring the number of keys you need. Otherwise, you might need to visit their shop or have them come back with additional keys.

If the car alarm is acting unusual

Car manufacturers might program the alarm to act a particular way depending on the problem with the locks. If it sounds for a short time and then stops, this might mean that the engine or locks have been tampered with; a long, continuous sounding of the alarm might mean an actual break-in. Each car manufacturer will have their own type of programming for an alarm, if any, so note if the alarm seems to be unusual or creating any signal other than one long sound. This can tell your locksmith how they'll need to reprogram the alarm once they arrive.

The key code

It can be quicker and easier for a locksmith to create a new key or unlock your car if they have the original key code. You can often find this on the ownership paperwork of your car. If you do have the key code, they may check it over the phone and know the key types and tools to bring. If you don't have it, they may need to bring more keys that may work with your car and more tools that may allow them to open your car easily.

For more information, contact a 24 hour locksmith in your area.