3 Things You Do Unknowingly That Encourage a Break-In

28 March 2016
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It is surprising to know what burglars look for when they consider your home as their next target. You are probably doing some things daily that makes you an easy target for them. Try to find out if you are a victim of the following character traits which might welcome criminals. You should consider taking notes on the following, and know what you need to do to help reduce theft cases in your home.

Giving Your Workers Too Much Information

In some instances, criminals don't just wear ski masks and dark clothing. That clean-cut looking plumber you called to fix your leaking drainage could be a part-time burglar. While he will be working on your drainage, he will listen to you telling your friend about an upcoming vacation you are planning to go with your family. That chat you are having with a friend is enough for the burglar to scope out your house for valuables, and may even unlock a window or back door to gain easy access while you are on vacation.  Any time you invite a worker to your house, ensure you store all your valuables away where they can't be seen, and also be careful of what you say.

Leaving Your Spare Key Out

Even though most people find leaving their spare key under a doormat or flower pot a good idea, in real sense it's not. Leaving your key is an open invitation for burglars to get into your house without difficulty. Anyone could see you retrieving the key, hence giving away your hiding spot.

Instead, consider giving your spare key to a friend who lives nearby or a neighbour you can trust. That way, if in any case you are locked out, you can easily call them or walk to their home.

You should also remember not to put any information on your keys that can identify you. If you lose the keys and someone finds them, they can easily trace your home and break in.

Ignoring Your Alarm System

An alarm system is a good way of ensuring security in your home. It will definitely provide you with peace of mind, especially when you are on vacation with your family. However, many homeowners tend to ignore the alarm system. Some homeowners won't turn their alarms on when out on vacation, or would postpone replacing their old systems which are not functional. It is important for homeowners to note that criminals will take their chances and won't be deterred by a sign or a window sticker indicating a home has an alarm system. That implies that if your home hasn't been armed with the alarm, then the burglar will easily break in. you need to take the necessary steps of ensuring your alarm system is fully functional for the sake of your home's security.

Talk to a locksmith about more ways to improve your home's security.